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Windex Touch-Up Cleaner, 2013
SC Johnson

Windex Touch-Up Cleaner is a new type of cleaner that lets you clean as you go, preventing little messes from becoming larger chores.

Designed to be left out for easy access, the unique dispenser applies cleaner directly onto a paper towel, tissue, toilet paper, or sponge to quickly clean up small messes

During research we saw that while users love having clean kitchens and bathrooms, “clean” is short lived, often lasting only until the rooms’ next use.

Touching up these messes involves either using whatever is at hand — frequently products that fall short — or searching under counters to nd cleaners — turning the touch-up into a larger cleaning chore.

A small and sleek bottle allows the product to remain out on the counter where messes happen, helping users to clean quickly and get on with life.